A world with no more bombs

We are writing to make known the importance of urging our congressional representative, Eliot Engel — chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee — to do whatever is in his considerable power to prevent the transfer of bombs and missiles to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other “coalition” members in Yemen.

There is no excuse for adding weaponry to an already horrific and disastrous situation, one that has produced the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth.

As ongoing events relating to Trump’s provocative and bellicose actions against Iran in the Strait of Hormuz amply demonstrate, the very last thing the region and its people need is more weaponry.

If Congressman Engel is truly interested in a peaceful resolution to the current crisis, he will take a strong stand against adding more fuel to the fire.

It is in the interest of all the people in the Middle East — Arabs, Iranians, Israelis and especially Yemenis — that there be an immediate cessation of warfare.

This cannot happen if the United States transfers large-scale weaponry to the Saudis.

Steve and Bobbi Siegelbaum