Challengers angle for Eliot Engel — from the left

“Our representative’s hawkish record is clear,” Ghebreghiorgis said during his campaign kickoff speech at Mount Vernon’s Hartley Park. He rattled off key votes in Engel’s record he took issue with, including his support of the Iraq War in 2003 — a vote Engel since regretted publicly. Ghebreghiorgis called the federal budget a “moral document,” and where money is spent indicates where the nation’s values lie.

In more recent history, Ghebreghiorgis disagreed with Engel’s support of the president’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the president’s backing of the annexation of the Golan Heights. Ghebreghiorgis spent last summer teaching English on the West Bank and says he has long opposed the “status quo” in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

“Humanity does not benefit from these militaristic policies that we typically expect to be supported by the Republican Party,” Ghebreghiorgis said. “Our domestic policy is our foreign policy. We cannot invest in what we need to live here unless we divest from what kills there.”

-Riverdale Press