Ghebreghiorgis begins primary challenge of Rep. Engel with attack on use of corporate PAC funds

“Ghebreghiorgis criticized Congressman Engel for taking money from corporate PACs. After 30 years, Ghebreghiorgis said that it’s time for a change.

“Over the course of his 30 years, (Engel) has received millions of dollars in contributions from real estate, the military/defense lobby, the healthcare industry and Wall Street,” said Ghebreghiorgis when announcing his campaign. “How can we have a true democratic system when powerful corporations stand to profit from the decisions of elected officials whose campaigns they fund? The military lobby, which is writing Engel’s checks come election time, is going to be the one benefiting.”

Ghebreghiorgis said he has lived in the district his whole life. He most recently taught special education at the Equity Project Charter School in Washington Heights. Ghebreghiorgis’ career has influenced his understanding of the residents of the district.”

-Pelham Examiner