Democrat for Congress, Bronx & Westchester NY16

The power of the people is rooted in values and priorities that recognize our collective humanity.


For my generation of students born after 9/11, all they have known, every year of their life, is war; the threat of climate extinction; and the intractability of wage stagnation, college unaffordability, and income inequality. The urgent time for change was yesterday; tomorrow can be better. Join us.


Why I’m Running

As a NYC special education teacher, I have seen how income inequality limits students' opportunities and hurts working families. I am running for Congress in NY’s 16th District to ensure that our resources are invested in our communities and not diverted to forever wars or unnecessary jails.

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Support Andom and Our Progressive Vision


Help Send Andom to Congress to Represent New York’s 16th Congressional District.

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Meet Andom

Andom grew up in Mount Vernon, attended schools in the district, and went on to become a special education teacher. He has spent his career demystifying education for his students, providing them the critical tools to understand their own reality while exposing them to worlds unseen. Like with his students, Andom and this campaign are mobilizing to show District 16 that another America - one truly rooted in freedom, equality, and justice - is possible.

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Our Issues


Presently, the 16th Congressional District is represented by a 30-year incumbent who is beholden to special interests.

He and the ruling class don’t know our reality, our struggle.

It is time for a change. Too much money and too many resources have been immorally diverted away from our communities to the war machine and the prison industry.

Our budgets are moral documents, which need to reflect our priorities and values. We must invest in high-quality public education, affordable housing, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal. We must guarantee jobs at a fair wage, secure racial and immigrant justice, and protect women's and LGBTQIA+ rights. We have a historic opportunity to reduce inequality and ensure all people living in this country have pathways to success. It is time for us to elect bold, new leadership in District 16 who will challenge special interests and upend the status quo. It’s our fight together.