Green New Deal

From intensifying hurricanes to sprawling wildfires, we’ve already seen the devastating effects climate change has had on our communities. Rising sea-levels will increasingly threaten coastal cities, and climate-linked drought will put farmers’ livelihoods in the global South in jeopardy. The climate crisis goes beyond ecological disaster. It is existential and all-encompassing. Widening inequality, dwindling jobs, and the militarization of borders will exacerbate the worst consequences of a changing climate for the most vulnerable people. A complete transformation of our economic system, one that centers people and planet over profit, is necessary to avoid warming beyond 1.5 degrees.

A Green New Deal will put us on the path to fully decarbonizing our economy by 2030, creating millions of public sector jobs as workers develop the infrastructure that will ensure climate justice and human survival.

Our proposal is ecosocialist, democratic, and anti-militaristic:

  • Transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030

  • End the $650 billion in subsidies that fossil fuel companies receive

  • Recognize the US military as one of the world’s biggest polluters, and US demilitarization and international multilateral cooperation as integral components of a Green New Deal

  • Guarantee a job with fair wages and benefits for all

  • Ensure a just, economic transition is led by communities most affected by climate crisis (people of color, working-class communities, and coastal communities)

  • Recognize transit as a public good by expanding high-speed electric rail and accessible public transit

  • Expand national forests and parklands

  • Fully-fund public housing; retrofit all existing buildings for net zero greenhouse gas emissions