Federal Jobs Guarantee

In his 1944 State of the Union address, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed a revolutionary Second Bill of Rights, in which he outlines a federal guarantee of a job; an adequate wage and decent living; a decent home; medical care; economic protection during sickness, accident, old age, or unemployment; and a good education.  The idea of guaranteed employment has floated around political circles since then (and was famously endorsed by Martin Luther as a means of bridging the racial wealth gap), but in the last couple of years, it’s experienced a massive revival in attention. Opinion polling has shown that the idea is massively popular across the country, even in so-called 'red' states, and in a strategic sense, it could provide a valuable means for Democrats to make headway in areas of the country where they’re struggling electorally. 

We know that there are millions of public service jobs that currently need to be filled, and millions more that will be generated as we confront the evolving priorities of our economy and society: social services (schools, hospitals, care industry), infrastructure development, and green technology are three of the most prominent sectors that will benefit greatly from massive investment. 

Our Job Plan:

  • Guarantee every American the right to a public service job at a rate of $15/hour, and adjusted for inflation-related fluctuations in the economy, along with access to healthcare, childcare, paid family leave, retirement benefits, and vacation

  • Provide equivalent compensation for those unable to work due to disability and strengthen social security benefits for senior citizens 

  • Administer the jobs program through the Department of Labor, and transition existing local and municipal infrastructure (for example, unemployment offices) to accommodate its oversight

  • Fund Jobs program in part through a highly graduated wealth tax on the ultra-wealthy